Arrows of Artemis, Aim of Athena

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#tbt this change is CRAZY. 2007 in Verona, Italy vs 2014 in my future son’s room. 21 vs 28.

Every time I wear this sweatshirt, dress, I think “My kid is doing nine hard months on the inside” 😁#prisonbreakin7weeks 🚨

My little Easter egg 😊😍 33 weeks on Tuesday!

#tbt senior pictures. this picture is over a decade old. It’s amazing what a difference 10 years can make.

#tbt Lowe’s calendar, the December page. Hahaha truly vintage!

I love the coffee pot my mom gave me! Best brew ever. Don’t worry, it’s decaf! #DrinkMe #imadethiscup

22weeks can make quite a difference! #transformationtuesday #immakingahuman 💙 #cdf

#instacollage #Jethro Small Dog is no longer so small #tbt

Nautical flags! Each represents a letter, this says Clark 😊 #crafty #nesting

Clark’s quilt is all done and ready for him! 3 out of 3 kids have affirmed that is cozy and he will love it. #crafty #nesting

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